Your safety

We want you to feel safe and secure in your home.  To do this we work closely with the local authority Environmental Heath Offices and we are an accredited landlord with DASH, which sets good standards of living space and amenities, fire safety and security.

Your safety Hunter Property
Our electricians are members of NAPIT, conform to the latest 17th Edition safety requirements and are Part P registered.  We are therefore very confident in their work and their attention to safety.

Your safety Hunter Property  Your safety Hunter Property  Your safety Hunter Property
Similarly for gas installations and repairs our contractor is fully trained and registered with GasSafe.  We make sure any property with a gas supply is checked annually in accordance with the safety standards.

Your safety Hunter Property
There is more to this though.  We need your help.  A lot of remedial work we see can be prevented with some forethought.  Drains and damp are the two main enemies.

Please avoid pouring fat down the sink – what starts as a liquid quickly hardens as it cools in the drains.  Just pour it in the bin.  Showers also get blocked by a build up of hair.  Please clear out hair from the drain plug after every shower.

During the cold winter months, warm damp air condenses on the cooler walls.  Please air your home regularly and mop up damp areas if they occur.  We can loan you a dehumidifier if you would like.

Finally, if a fault does appear, please go to our Maintenance page.

Thank you